(Rashka / Contendro)

2009 ISR/Oldenburg stallion

Certified Breeding License from ISR/Oldenburg


(Rashka / Parabol)

2009 ISR Oldenburg Premium Filly


Champion and high score of her inspection with 8.2 on conformation/type, 8.8 on movement, 8.5 on overall impression, for an overall score of 8.5.


(Rashka x Ebony)

Colt born 5/8/09

bred and owned by Katie Lawrence


"He is the most intelligent horse I've ever been around and his personality is unbelievable. I backed him a couple of times at 2.5 and just put him into light work at the beginning of May. Yesterday was the 14th time up, to include the earlier backings. He is BRILLIANT ... He basically learns everything he's taught immediately. From day one his balance has been phenomenal and his gaits are very soft/elastic. His canter is quite good and his ability to sit down is mind-boggling ... He can do a walk to canter and canter to halt that are unbelievable. His canter to so fun, I have to remind myself to make him work in the trot. He's sensitive to the aids with an easy forward and excellent downwards. The horse never loses his balance ... it's the most amazing thing to see a baby carry his body so well. He loves to work, his temperament is excellent (sleeps in the cross-ties), and he knows a bunch of tricks that he'll perform for a cookie. He's fabulous."


(Rashka x Rotanga Z/Robin Z/Contango)

2009 SWANA mare

(Class 1 Filly for SWANA)



2009 SWANA gelding


(Class I colt for SWANA)


2013 from his new owner - "What an amazing boy!! We love him. Beautiful horse, beautiful disposition, beautiful mover," and "the sweetest boy EVER!"

2014 US National Training Level Open Champion, with rider Kari Schmidt

2014 USDF All-Breed SWANA Open Training Level Horse of the Year

2014 USDF All-Breed SWANA Open 1st Level Horse of the Year

2018 Region 2 First Level Champion with his young rider Ella Fruchterman


(Rashka x Zoe/Zauberklang)

2009 ISR/Oldenburg mare


Premium filly for ISR/Oldenburg

scored an overall 8.4 at her inspection


(Rashka / Hohenstein)

2009 ISR/Oldenburg mare

Premium filly for ISR/Oldenburg 

Site Champion of her inspection with 8.6 for type & conformation, 8.4 for movement, 8.5 for overall impression, for a total of 8.5!

Photo is Royal Highness with her 2017 colt by R Cor Ray


(Rashka / Contendro


2010 ISR Oldenburg gelding

Premium colt for  ISR/Oldenburg,

high score foal of his inspection with an overall 8.5.



born March 2012

bred by Misty Meadows Horse Farm

owned by Jennifer Grant

"Spectacular does not even describe my Rashka baby! Brilliant, balanced, gorgeous & loving. Very hard not to spoil him. He is now 15 months and a jaw dropper. He truly "has it all"!! And from what I have been told has his daddies desire to please & work for you. Rajah loves all his toys, is very brave and curious. He enjoys his pool & barrel too. We expect him to top out over 17 hands. I placed boots, cavesson & surcingle on him this past weekend with no fuss at all, he is all about pleasing me & doing his job. He can be a handful but is the sweetest baby ever." (Jennifer - 2013)


(Rashka x Sinderella/Stedinger)

2012 ISR/Oldenburg mare

Premium filly, high score of her inspection

Photo of Rindercella and her dam


(Rashka x Paloma by Pit I)


2013 ISR/Oldenburg mare


Premium filly

2017: ISR Oldenburg N. A. USDF All Breeds Award, DSHB, 4 Year Old and Older Mature Horse Yeld/Maiden Mare, 1st place, 77.900%


(Rashka x Shirly by Flemmingh)

2014 ISR/Oldenburg stallion 


Premium colt


(Rashka x Sinderella by Stedinger)


2014 ISR/Oldenburg mare


Premium filly


(Rashka x Ranara by Linaro )


2014 ISR/Oldenburg colt

2016 - Regional USDF DSHB Colt Champion

2017 - ISR/Oldenburg N.A. USDF All Breeds, DSHB, 3 Year Old Colts/Geldings, 1st Place


(Rashka x Roux Bien Bleu by Rubinstein)

2015 ISR/Oldenburg stallion

2015 GAIG/USDF Breeders Championship North Central Series Reserve Champion Current Year Foal



(Rashka x Anastazia)


Premium ISR/Oldenburg and site champion colt


Bred and owned by Twin Oaks Horses



(Rashka x Shirly by Flemmingh)


2016 ISR/Oldenburg colt

Premium and high score of his inspection site with 8.1 overall and 8.2 on movement.



(Rashka / Olympic Ferro)


2017 ISR/Oldenburg premium colt 

High score of his inspection site



(Rashka / Fleurette by Fabuleux)



2018 Colt


Rashka "definitely improved the Hanoverian mare's foal's canter and hind end.... [H]e has been super dispositioned as well!"

Bred and owned by Heather Thacker



(Rashka x Mona Lisa (Masterpiece/Hohenstein)


2016 SWANA filly 

Breeder Suzanne Myers, owner

Anne-Lise Dragoy Brooks